Rebound West Gymnastics is a state of the art training facility with an experienced coaching staff and programs designed to provide a positive and fun learning experience.  All programs are monthly sessions.  Children are welcome and encouraged to take classes more than once a week.  Any additional classes will be an added cost.  
FREE Trial 
Students who are new to our program can schedule a trial class to check out our program and facility before you are obligated to sign-up for a class.  At this time you will be able to watch a class is progress while our coaches evaluate your child to ensure they are placed in the appropriate level for them.     
Tuition is due on or before the 20th of every month.  For example: August tuition is due on or before July 20th.  Tuition unpaid by the 1st of every month will result in your child being dropped from their class.  Students who wish to re-enroll will be subject to a $25 re-enrollment fee subject to availability.  We recommend using our auto-pay system to eliminate this issue.    
Wait List
If there is a class you are interest in, but that class is currently full, we can add to you our wait list.  If there is a wait list for your class and your tuition has not yet been paid by the 1st of the month, you will be dropped from your class and your spot will be turned over to a child on our wait list.  We recommend using our auto-pay system to eliminate this issue.     
Rebound West offers members a year-round program with no long term commitment.  Our enrollment and tuition payment process is easier then ever.  With nothing to remember, your tuition will be paid automatically on a monthly basis from your Visa, Mastercard, Discover or AMEX making your enrollment more convenient then ever before!  Simply enroll in the class of your choice using a major credit card and future tuition will be paid automatically with your card on file on the 20th of the preceding month.  

For NEW students, your first month's tuition will be pro-rated to the number of weeks that remain in that first month.
Auto-Pay Cancellation
Our policy is simple, to cancel your auto-pay, simply call our front desk or drop an email by the 19th.

Past the 19th and you forgot to cancel with us?  Contact us as soon as your realize your mistake.  We promise to be reasonable and to make every effort to be flexible just like we always have been with make-ups and other procedures.  While we cannot refund, pro-rate or credit your account after the 19th, we can cancel registration upon your notification so no additional payments are made for future months.
For all Pre-K, Kinder-Gym, Tumbling & Girls Recreation classes we recommend wearing a leotard, leotard with shorts, sports bra with shorts, shorts or pants (dependent on the time of year) with a tank top, t-shirt or long sleeve shirt (dependent on the time of year).  No leggings with feet and we do not recommend wearing socks. 

All long hair MUST be tied back and all jewelry MUST be removed before entering the gym.  

Girls Team (Developmental, Xcel & J.O. Girls' Competitive Team)
Form-fitted leotard.  All hair in a pony-tail with all long hair in a bun.  No shorts or pants. 
For all Pre-K, Kinder-Gym, Tumbling & Boys Recreation classes we recommend wearing shorts or pants (dependent on the time of year) with a t-shirt or long sleeve shirt (dependent on the time of year).  We do not recommend wearing socks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start a class at any time? 

Of course!  Your child/children can begin a class at any time we simply pro-rate your first month's tuition based on the number of weeks that remain in your first month. 
What do you suggest if I need to modify, change or cancel my registration? 

To make changes to your class registration; just stop by our front desk, drop us an email or give us a call no later than the 19th of the month to modify your next month's registration.  
Can I pay manually with another card or cash?

Of Course!  We welcome your payment at any time.  To guarantee your spot in class and avoid any late or re-enrollment fees, manual payments must be made before the 20th and your automatic payment will not occur as scheduled.  
Do you accept personal checks?

Unfortunately, effective July 14th we no longer accept personal checks.  However, we do accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX for payments as well as cash payments.   
What happens if I miss a class?

No problem!  If you miss a class, you can reschedule your child/children to join another class at their same level.  If your child/children are ill, injured, family or school commitment or emergency, simply give us a call or drop an email to schedule a make-up class for your child.  All make-ups need to be scheduled through our front desk.  Make-ups are scheduled upon availability in a class.  To ensure safety and preserve our coach to student ratio, Rebound West reserves the right to offer an open play pass in lieu of a make-up if class availability does not allow for a make-up to be scheduled.  We will not accept drop-ins for make up classes effective July 29, 2017.      

For courtesy of others, please contact us via phone or email anytime your child will be absent.  While we offer unlimited make-ups for missed classes, however, make-ups will expire within 30 days from the day you were absent.
Do you offer a sibling discount? 

Sibling discounts are available to immediate family members for a class or camp.  

For class & camp tuition, the highest tuition in your immediate family pays full price.  A sibling discount of $10 is offered to your 2nd child and each child thereafter.  Sibling discounts are not offered to gymnast(s) on our team programs (Developmental, Xcel and/or J.O. Competitive Team).  
Is there an annual registration fee? 

Rebound West does require an annual registration fee for each family.  Registration for Pre-k, Kinder-Gym, Boys' & Girls' Recreation & Tumbling classes is $30 per student (sibling discounts are not offered for annual registration).  

Registration for all Developmental, Xcel & J.O. Competitive Team Programs is $50 per gymnast (sibling discounts are not offered for annual registration). 
How do I know when my child is ready to move up to the next level? 

Throughout our curriculum, each gymnast will be continually evaluated on their progress and skills.  From time to time, each gymnast will be given a Progress Report detailing the mastery level of each required skill.  When a student is showing mastery of the required skills, the coach will let the office staff know that your child can be promoted to the next level and the office staff will in turn let you know.  At that point, please see our front desk to sign up for the new class.  Safety is our number one priority, so please understand that each gymnast must have a solid foundation at one level before they can move to the next.

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